CyberChess is an annual international cybersecurity conference taking place in Riga, Latvia and organised in close collaboration between The Ministry of Defence, CERT.LV (Latvian National and Governmental CSIRT) and Top Level Domain .LV Registry (NIC). The conference language is English allowing it to continuously be the leading cybersecurity conference not just in Latvia, but also in the Baltics.

The conference will span across 2 days and its program will cover topics such as; new technologies and new challenges in cybersecurity, advances in technology and science, the monitoring and defence of infrastructure, human factor, policy, strategy, attacks on cyber infrastructure, actions of nation state actors, open source intelligence, Domain Name Abuse, DNS Security, DNSSEC, domainers, domain squatters, and other domain industry trends in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It will consist of three tracks:

  • The first track will focus on strategical and political topics on a national as well as a European level (main track).
  • The next track will take a deep-dive into more technical cybersecurity topics accompanied by live demos (aka CyberShock).
  • And the third track will cover domain name related issues, focusing on the Baltic region (aka Baltic Domain Days or BDD). It is the first domain industry event focused specifically on the Baltic region and is organized in collaboration with the .EE and .LT registries. It is the best place to learn about the current key issues affecting the Baltic domain name industry and hang out with the brightest minds in the domain business.

The conference will provide cyber security stakeholders with a platform for networking, exchanging information, meeting international cyber security experts and learning about the new developments and trends in the field. It brings together cyber security experts, ISPs, registrars, registries, and other interested parties to examine and discuss the latest trends, issues, and innovations.

The event is planned in a hybrid format allowing both - on spot and online participation.

Additionally, to the CyberChess conference, a CTF (Capture the Flag) competition will take place. During two days, teams of cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts will compete by solving technical challenges in multiple categories such as web, forensics, cryptography and others.

The video of previous on-site conference in 2019:

Agenda coming soon.