About conference

The CyberChess conference is a cornerstone of cybersecurity events within the Baltic states. It brings together a diverse array of security stakeholders, experts, ISPs, domain industry representatives, and other interested parties to discuss and examine the latest trends, issues, and innovations in cybersecurity.

Bringing together over 500 attendees on-site and engaging with over 3000 participants online, the conference serves as a dynamic platform for fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking among Baltic cybersecurity professionals.

The three day program with three parallel sessions features hands-on workshops, more than 60 keynote speeches and engaging discussions facilitated by both local and international experts.

"Throughout the past few years we have seen growth in attacks, their sophistication as well as in the level of political support and importance of cybersecurity. This makes events such as CyberChess an important platform not only for knowledge sharing but also establishing new partnerships."
/B.Kaškina, CERT.LV General manager/